Dashboard for automatic monitoring of Flask web services.

What is the Flask-Monitoring-Dashboard?

The Flask Monitoring Dashboard is designed to monitor your existing Flask application. You can find a brief overview of the functionality here.

Or you can watch the video below:


The Flask Monitoring Dashboard is an extension that offers 4 main functionalities with little effort from the Flask developer:

  • Monitor the Flask application: Our Dashboard allows you to see which endpoints process a lot of request and how fast. Additionally, it provides information about the evolving performance of an endpoint throughout different versions if you’re using git.
  • Monitor your test coverage: The dashboard allows you to find out which endpoints are covered by unit tests, allowing also for integration with Travis for automation purposes. For more information, see this file.
  • Collect extra information about outliers: Outliers are requests that take much longer to process than regular requests. The dashboard automatically detects that a request is an outlier and stores extra information about it (stack trace, request values, Request headers, Request environment).
  • Visualize the collected data in a number useful graphs: The dashboard is automatically added to your existing Flask application. You can view the results by default using the default endpoint (this can be configured to another route): dashboard.

For a more advanced documentation, take a look at the information on this page.